Ongoing Screening in Neighbourhood in Jelapang 

By Mei Kuan 

Residents of Taman Meru 2C in Jelapang are set to undergo swab tests starting November 15 till 19. 

According to a committee member of Surau Nurul Islamiah, a house of worship in Taman Meru 2C, the screening is done in stages, street by street (persiaran) with about 300 residents tested on the first day yesterday. Conducted by the Ministry of Health in makeshift tents, the test results are expected to be ready in 3 days. 

After the swab test, the residents are given red wristbands. Those tested positive will be admitted to the hospital. 

It is estimated that the neighbourhood has approximately 700 units of houses with over 2000 residents. 

The house of worship facilitates the ongoing screening by providing logistics support to identify the affected streets and public facilities for the frontliners like fans, mineral water and toilets.

At time of publishing, the state health department has yet to release a statement on the above matter.


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Tan Mei Kuan

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