Dr. Clo Donates 4,000 Disinfectant Sticks to Frontliners

By Mei Kuan

Dr. Clo Malaysia embarked on an inaugural Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) initiative by pledging to donate 4,000 of its disinfectant sticks worth more than RM250,000 to the Sabah State Health Department and other frontliners.

The brand’s CSR effort to combat the pandemic comes on the heels of the announcement of its latest breakthrough—Dr. Clo disinfectant sticks are now certified by reputable South Korean authorities as capable of eliminating up to 99.9% of COVID-19 virus. 

Following a series of stringent virucidal tests against the virus over a span of seven days, the stick solution—an innovation from South Korea’s NON Corporation—was found to achieve more than 99.93% virus reduction rate in treatment times ranging from 30 seconds to two minutes.

Leela Lee, Executive Director of NON Corporation Ltd in South Korea explained that the laboratory tests were conducted by KR Biotech Co. Ltd under the Institute of Infectious Disease Control of Konkuk University.

“This groundbreaking discovery marks a significant milestone as it helps confirm the efficacy of Dr. Clo’s disinfectant sticks for use in homes, offices and in other spaces such as healthcare facilities,” she added during a cross-border virtual media event on Monday, November 23.

Ng Lyp Hau, Director of Dr. Clo Malaysia highlighted that while this multi-purpose patented portable sterilisation unit is a non-medical device, it is designed to provide airborne protection and to create a shield against bacteria and viruses. Once attached  in a location, each single-use stick can last up to 50 days and sterilise up to a 16-feet radius.

The unit is the only liquid-based chlorine dioxide product in the world registered with the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) as a Class 1 Hospital Grade Disinfectant. Chlorine dioxide acts as a key agent to sterilise, sanitise and eliminate viruses and pathogens in a matter of seconds. 

Building on the known sanitising effects of chlorine dioxide gas, the controlled-release system based on proprietary nanotechnology enables continuous emission of chlorine dioxide gas at a concentration level that is safe and virtually odour-free, yet effectively disinfects the surrounding area. The state-of-the-art technology does not require batteries, electricity, spraying or wiping.

Regarding the donation, Ng expressed, “We are starting in Sabah by providing 1,000 of the disinfectant sticks to medical frontliners. It is aimed to support ongoing efforts and keep the virus at bay.”

Present during the press conference was Peter Davis, celebrity influencer, martial artist and actor who shared, “This pandemic is a wake-up call for everyone. I am more acutely aware and conscious of the need to sterilise, disinfect and deodorise air in living spaces within my home and in my car. The carcinogen-free, all-in-one solution, which contains non-toxic materials puts me at great ease knowing that it is safe for everyone and harmless especially to my kids.”

Emceed by Lee Yvonne, also spotted were Leo H. Choi, Vice President of Overseas Business of Tera Vision Co. Ltd and Dr. SY Yoo, inventor of Dr. Clo as well as Professor in Joongbu University (Automotive Engineering).

Customised for use in various aspects of modern lifestyles, the product which has achieved sales of 1.5 million units across Asia in 2019 made its Malaysian debut in June this year. The sterilisation device comes in 5 variants: household, automobile, refrigerator, bathroom and pets.

The entire range of Dr. Clo’s sterilisation devices can be purchased from selected pharmacies and e-commerce platforms. In Perak, the retail stores include Perniagaan Produk Bayi Bb Master (53, Persiaran Kledang Timur 21, Bandar Baru Menglembu, 31450 Ipoh) and Icare Pharmacy (18, Lorong Tupai, 34000 Taiping). 

The recommended retail price of the disinfectant stick is RM63 in West Malaysia and RM68 in East Malaysia. For more information, visit its website:


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