Letter: Get across safely

Please do not jaywalk. It is extremely dangerous to do so. I have seen so many near misses happen when pedestrians practice this unsafe act. Why risk your safety and life and that of others?

Sometimes drivers do not anticipate a person dashing across the road out of nowhere and this is an accident waiting to happen. This can also be made worse by weather conditions and poor lighting which drastically reduces the visibility of drivers.

Use the already available pedestrian crossings and overhead bridges. The duration to your destination might take longer, but it is most certainly worth it. Do not trade your precious life for a few seconds of convenience.

Please do not tempt fate by jaywalking regardless if there is traffic or not. Lives are at stake.

The government and even non-governmental organizations have long pushed for the safety of road users and pedestrians alike with countless reminders both in print and broadcasts, yet people still fail to abide by the basic steps to protect their own safety. All these repetitive efforts can rack up an unnecessarily high bill. The funds can instead be used for more important matters such as the battle against the COVID-19 pandemic.

I humbly urge individuals who are still blatantly jaywalking to stop the irresponsible act. Spare a moment to reflect on your actions and make our public roads safe.

The New Year promises fresh starts, but please make a change now!


Yeap Ming Liong

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