Integrity an Exemplary Quality Today

The mayor of Ipoh, Dato’ Rumaizi Baharin urged commitment from Ipoh City Council (MBI) staff to practice integrity in daily undertakings. 

He added, as a local authority (PBT), it’s of utmost importance for MBI to instil integrity in dynamically planning the future of the council and Ipoh in general. 

“Integrity has become a distinctive individual quality these days. Closely related to ethical issues and moral values, it’s important in ensuring accountability. 

“Instead of feeling satisfied of our old working manner, we should think out of the box to achieve a quantum leap, in order to realise MBI’s mission of making Ipoh a clean, green and progressive city,” Rumaizi said during the International Anti-Corruption Day observance at the MBI building yesterday (December 9). 

Also present were deputy director of Malaysian Anti-Corruption Commission (SPRM) Perak, Rosley Mohamad Satar and city secretary, Zuraina Kamarul Ariff. 

“Whenever there’s conflict of interests, the public, of all, must be prioritised. This is crucial in ensuring the confidence of the public towards MBI. 

“Thus, I urge every level of the council, especially the newly incepted Integrity Unit of MBI, to comprehensively pave the way towards a better PBT,” he expressed. 


Chris Teh 


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