DidikTV KPM Airs Wednesday Onwards

The Ministry of Education (MOE/KPM) Malaysia is introducing ‘DidikTV KPM’, a special educational television channel which will start its first broadcast this Wednesday (February 17).

According to a statement by the ministry, it will be broadcasting daily from 7am to 12am midnight.

“The channel will be launched by Prime Minister Tan Sri Muhyiddin Yassin on the first day of broadcast at 8am,” MOE mentioned via a news portal today (February 14).

DidikTV is a continual effort to improve access to quality education for all students in the country.

“Previously, MOE provided an educational TV programme for 11 hours via Okey RTM TV, Astro Tutor TV and DidikTV@ntv7.

“For the first time ever, MOE introduces a dedicated terrestrial educational TV channel filled with programmes from 7am to 12am midnight,” the statement mentioned, adding that DidikTV may be watched via channel 107 on MyTV, channel 147 on Astro and ntv7 on Unifi TV.

For integrated Digital TV (iDTV) utilising antennas, DidikTV KPM may be found via automatic scanning.

The statement also added that DidikTV will be airing programmes based on curriculum and co-curriculum set by MOE.

“The channel will also broadcast education news, edutainment programmes and student-produced content, alongside international programmes suitable for students’ reference.

“MOE is always committed in ensuring that DidikTV acts as a platform to empower knowledge culture, instil positive attributes and create an informed society,” it elaborated.


Rosli Mansor


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