Letter: Vaccines for All

By the Malaysian Health Coalition
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The Malaysian Health Coalition (MHC) welcomes the government’s decision to provide vaccines for all residents of Malaysia, including undocumented persons, for free. This is the correct ethical, public health and economic decision for Malaysia, and necessary to achieve herd immunity and health equity.

Now, the government must build a high level of public trust and a system to ensure that all eligible persons register for the vaccine. Vaccinating undocumented non-citizens is laudable, but it must include long-term durable solutions that encompass the entire policy spectrum, not just a short-term fix only for the COVID-19 vaccine. An amnesty process must be considered as a viable durable solution.

We also call for an urgent all-of-government effort to combat vaccine misinformation and conspiracy theories. We need a mass public education campaign to help the Rakyat understand the basic science behind vaccines, especially to answer their reasonable questions. Improved health literacy and public awareness will ensure enough people register for the vaccine.

At all times during the process, the government must be transparent and inclusive. We urge that the National COVID-19 Immunization Plan be released immediately for public scrutiny. It is far better to address the Rakyat’s concerns and allow opportunities for constructive suggestions leading to improvement, than to release the Immunization Plan at the last minute.

Although we are making good progress, the vaccine is not a silver bullet. It will take many months still before herd immunity is achieved. Therefore, all residents of Malaysia must remain vigilant and continue practicing preventive measures such as physical distancing, masking, and hand hygiene.



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