Affordable Citizen-Friendly Houses (RMR) for Low-Income Individuals

A total of 656 houses under the Rumah Mesra Rakyat (RMR) (citizen-friendly houses) will be built in Perak for the year 2021 as part of a collaborative effort between the Malaysian Malay Contractors Association (PKMM) and Syarikat Perumahan Negara Berhad (SPNB), a national housing development company.

RMR is a housing project created by SPNB to help those with low income, such as fishermen, farmers and also poor families without abodes or with dilapidated houses, in owning affordable and comfortable homes. Each RMR house unit is 1,000 square feet, priced at RM75,000. 

According to the president of PKMM Perak, Datuk Wira Jamaludin Abdul Rahim, PKMM Perak is the first-ever NGO to engage in the joint housing project effort with SPNB as a government-linked company (GLC).

“For the first quarter of this year, 240 house units are involved around the state, which will be divided between approximately 150 contractors, based on their contractor grades and capacities.

“To ensure that the units are able to be completed within the duration of three months, we’ll assign officers to review and assess contractors’ capabilities and also the locations of the house units involved.”

He told reporters so during a media session after a handing-over ceremony of RMR work contracts by SPNB to PKMM Perak at the main hall of the PKMM building in Meru Raya on February 25.

Also present during the ceremony were the president of PKMM, Dato’ Seri Mohamed Fadzill Hassan and the director SPNB (Perak Branch), Tajul Safuan Abu Hassan.

For more information regarding RMR, head to SPNB’s official website at


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