Four Drug Dealing Syndicates Put to an End by Perakean Police

The police of Perak have successfully put an end to four crime cases involving drug dealing syndicates around the state.

According to the police chief of Perak, Datuk Mior Faridalathrash Wahid, two out of four cases were from Ipoh.

Datuk Mior Faridalathrash Wahid

“In the first case, a police squad from the Narcotics Crime Investigation Department arrested a Chinese male suspect, aged 40, who was riding a Honda Wave motorcycle around Lapangan Symphony Business Park in Ipoh after a two-hour observation on February 24. The suspect attempted escape but failed.

“Investigations performed on the suspect and his motorcycle found 10 packets of large transparent plastic bags containing heroin drugs weighing around 4,490g. The overall market value of the confiscated drugs is RM157,500.”

He told reporters so during a media session at the Perak Contingent Police Headquarters today (February 26).

“In another case, a squad from the department raided a flat in Ipoh at around 1.30am earlier today, in which a ‘wild party’ was held. 

“14 individuals aged between 20 to 41 were arrested during the raid, six out of which are males comprising one police officer and five police personnel from the Perak contingent police force; while the remaining eight are females comprising five local citizens and three Indonesian citizens.

“Preliminary urine tests performed on all of them have shown that only one, which is a police personnel, is negative, while the rest are positive of drugs,” Mior added.

“Another squad arrested two suspects, an Indian male aged 35 and a Sikh male aged 26, during a raid on a house at Kampung Baru in Kamunting, Taiping, at around 1am on February 24.

“Investigations found 110 transparent plastic packets which were believed to be 240g of heroin and 6.77g of methamphetamine drugs. The overall market value of confiscated drugs is RM9,077. 

“As of this point, the police have seized the suspects’ belongings, which consisted of a car and a motorcycle. The seized belongings are worth RM33,000,” he stated.

“In Manjung, a Malay fisherman found a floating sack in the sea waters around Pangkor at around 9.45am yesterday (February 25).

“Investigations found 20 green ‘Guanyinwang’ tea powder packets, 17 of which are believed to contain around 17.5kg of methamphetamine drugs, while the remaining three were found empty due to water penetration. The overall market value of the seized drugs is RM700,000.

“However, no arrests are made as of yet,” Mior explained.

He also mentioned that arrested suspects from all of the cases are currently remanded from February 25 until March 3.

“They’re all being investigated under Section 39B of the Dangerous Drugs Act 1952, in which if convicted, will be subject to a mandatory death sentence by hanging.

“The Narcotics Crime Investigation Department will be intensifying operations to eradicate drug dealing and smuggling activities in the country,” Mior stressed.


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