Relief for Muhammad Haikal and His Family

It’s a relief for the surviving family of late Zamri Abdul Hamid, as his fund contributions for the Social Security Organisation (SOCSO) before his passing made the household eligible for monthly survivor’s pension coverage.

Zamri, who passed away at 42 due to complications of heart disease and diabetes on February 23, was the father of Muhammad Haikal Iskandar, 17, who is currently sitting for his Sijil Pelajaran Malaysia (SPM) (Malaysian Certificate of Education) examination.

Zamri was also survived by his wife, Siti Rahayu Norji, 35, and two daughters, Siti Masyanda Balqis, 10, and Siti Asmaranda Balqis, 4.

Siti Masyanda Balqis, Siti Rahayu Norji and Siti Asmaranda Balqis

In a video that surfaced through social media last week, which was made viral since then, Haikal was depicted in tears and mourning when a hearse carrying his father’s remains arrived at his school, SMK Simpang Beluru in Kuala Kangsar.

It was a special arrangement for Haikal’s last goodbye to his father, moments before having to sit for his Sejarah (History) exam paper last Wednesday (February 24).

According to the manager of PERKESO Kuala Kangsar, Noriah Abd Karim, the family is entitled to a monthly survivor’s pension amounting to RM592. A funeral benefit of RM2,000 was also paid to the family.

“We were notified of Zamri’s passing through the video which was shared in social media. We immediately checked our records and found that Zamri, who worked as a gardener when he was still alive, had contributed enough for the family to be covered.

“The household will be covered by the monthly pension in full amount, until a point where all three children turn 21 years old or obtain their first degree in tertiary studies. Thereafter, the wife, who is covered for as long as she lives, will receive 3/5 of the amount.”

She told reporters so during a presentation of cheques to the family at their residence in Kampung Tahan, a residential locality further north from Kuala Kangsar, today (March 2).

The presentation was jointly done along with contributions of necessities and a food box by the Chenderoh State Assembly (DUN) Service Centre. Also present was the Perak state assembly member (ADUN) for Chenderoh constituency, Zainun Mat Noor.

“We’ve decided to help the family further with these contributions that will hopefully lessen their burden in facing day-to-day tasks.

“Haikal has a bright future ahead. All we can wish for him and his family now is that they stay strong during this tough time of having lost a loved one,” he expressed.

“I thank all parties who’ve helped us in persevering, particularly Haikal, who was really attached to his late father.

“I could never ask for more. I just want my children to be happy and for Haikal to pass his SPM exams smoothly,” Siti Rahayu conveyed.

The video footage can be viewed here.


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