World Water Day 2021

The RM2-billion Regional Sewage Treatment Plant and Sewerage Pipeline Networks project in Papan, Perak, is expected for completion in November this year.

This was announced by the Minister of Environment and Water, Dato’ Seri Ibrahim Man during his speech in conjunction with the annual World Water Day observed every March 22, at Casuarina Hotel in Meru Raya today.

“The project comprises a 157-km long sewerage pipeline network, 14 water pump stations and a regional sewage treatment plant that can accommodate sewage from 1.5 million Perakeans.

“With this project, 277 small treatment plants around Ipoh can be closed and we can prevent further water pollution caused by the release of sewage.

“Also, I suggest the state government to look into a potential collaboration with the Indah Water Konsortium and Perak Water Board (LAP) to implement joint billing and to develop recycled water projects for industrial purposes,” he said.

Also present at the state-level World Water Day celebration were the Menteri Besar of Perak, Dato’ Saarani Mohamad; Executive Councillor for Infrastructure, Energy, Water and Public Transportation, Dato’ Mohd Zolkafly Harun; Secretary-General for the Ministry of Environment and Water (MEWA); and State Secretary Dato’ Ahmad Suaidi Abdul Rahim.

The theme for World Water Day 2021 is ‘Valuing Water’.

Meanwhile, Saarani mentioned that the state government will be organising a communal work project to clean the river trails of Sungai Perak, in support of MEWA’s national-level initiative to clean rivers trails around the country.

“The project is to be held on March 27 in all districts of Perak simultaneously,” he added.


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