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3D Murals at Kampar Old Town – A Joy to See!

The boom in the mining industry beginning the 18th century became the root of development for the city of Kampar till present. The town situated by the road connecting Kampar to Ipoh and the south is brimming with unique, century-old buildings. 

One of its alleys, of about 150-metre in length and decorated with 3D mural paintings, is not to be missed! A total of 27 mural paintings were created on the back walls of four building blocks, indirectly becoming an icon of this old town.

The murals attract views from every corner, thus every visitor can enjoy taking countless photographs to be shared on social media. 

The murals convey different themes related to history, culture, arts and tourism of the area under the Kampar District Council (MDKpr).

The attractive murals include one of an elephant pulling a pipe, one of waterfall abseiling at Ulu Geruntum, one of tin panning, one of Gua Tempurung and one on Bandar Agacia (Agacia Town) among others.

One visitor, Nor Sahira Muhamad Zam, 27, stated that the Kampar Old Town is now developing in terms of infrastructure especially from the tourism aspect.

“This is the first time I see high-quality 3D mural artworks highlighting various themes. Besides beautifying the walls of old buildings, it could become a crowd-favourite tourism product. I support the effort of MDKpr which succeeded in improving the image of Kampar Old Town. I am awaiting more attractive murals to be produced till Kampar becomes known as the most beautiful mural town in Perak,” Nor Sahira enthused.


Rosli Mansor 


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