RM213,860 for Rubbish Collection Outside MBI Areas 

Some 36 mild steel bins of 660 litres were provided for rubbish collection management in locations outside Ipoh City Council (MBI)’s administration.

According to the Mayor of Ipoh, Dato’ Rumaizi Baharin, it is a part of the Menteri Besar of Perak’s ‘quick win’ initiative.

“Some RM213,860 was preliminarily allocated for the purpose. 12 sites will be given three bins each,” he explained after launching the rubbish collection site at Kampung Pasir Puteh earlier today (April 1).

Including Kampung Pasir Puteh, the 12 selected sites are:

  1.  Kampung Cik Zainal, Chemor
  2.  Kampung Ulu Kuang, Chemor
  3.  Kampung Baru Tambun
  4.  Kampung Baru Changkat Kinding
  5.  Kampung Kolam, Tanjung Rambutan
  6.  Kampung Manikuty South Ward, Tanjung Rambutan
  7.  Kampung Pengkalan Pegoh
  8.  Kampung Sungai Rokam
  9.  Kampung Rapat Jaya Tambahan
  10.  Kampung RPT Sengat
  11.  Kampung Kampung Baru Simpang Pulai

“Each site costs RM8,000 to prepare and RM7,000 will be utilised annually for maintenance and management purposes.

“No doubt, these rubbish will be segregated, but for now, our aim is more towards increasing public awareness towards proper waste disposal.

“Also, there’ll be additional days of collection for these sites, on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays,” Rumaizi mentioned.

On the matter of scheduled waste management which includes electronic waste (e-waste), he said that MBI is in the midst of planning to provide spaces specially for the purpose.

“Right now, there’s a 200-acre land in Papan which is to be made not only a spot for collection of wastes of this kind, but also to dispose of them entirely and properly.

“We’ll perhaps expand the land by 140 acres. Hopefully, the plan will be executable by the end of this year,” Rumaizi expressed.


Chris Teh


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