Paul Yong’s Rape Trial Commences Today

The rape trial of Paul Yong Choo Kiong (hereby referred to as the defendant) commenced at the Ipoh High Court today (April 5).

The Tronoh state assembly member, who’s also a former state executive councillor, was charged with raping his housemaid at his residence some time in July 2019.

The State Prosecution Director in his opening proceedings’ statement, said that the session will be providing proof that the rape took place by calling in a medical expert who examined the victim.

He added, the prosecuting team will also present statements to prove that no other individuals were in the house during the time of offence, except the defendant and the victim.

He further stated, the team will prove that there are no conspiracies of any kind to persecute or to ruin the defendant’s reputation, but the prosecution is based on factual reports and investigation results as allocated by the law.

Jamil is aided by deputy public prosecutors Liyana Zawani Mohd Radzi and Ainul Wardah Shahidan.

The case is being heard before High Court Judge Dato’ Abdul Wahab Mohamed, who replaced Judge Dato’ Hashim Hamzah, while the defence team is led by lawyer Datuk Rajpal Singh. The hearing is slated to go on until Friday (April 9).


Chris Teh



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