Letter: Reporting the news without fear or favour

I would like to extend my greetings to all media practitioners in Malaysia in light of World Press Freedom Day which is celebrated on May 3. Press freedom is something close to my heart as I too was a former broadcast journalist. I have done my fair share of reporting and going out on assignments to cover various issues and current affairs ranging from general, sports and even entertainment news.

In light of World Press Freedom Day, I would like to send out a message to all media practitioners to remember the pillars of ethical journalism. Report objectively and in a balanced manner without fear or favour. We are merely messengers to report the scenario. Uphold these values for as long as you are in office.

Let me remind you that the public turns to news agencies for affirmation, validation and confirmation on certain issues, news and topics. Journalists, along with all other media practitioners, are the backbone of every successful and credible news agency. Please be reminded that the onus is on you to check for factual errors, and ensure only the truth reaches your readers, listeners or viewers.

My thoughts are also with every media practitioner, who have so diligently covered the COVID-19 pandemic not only in Malaysia, but across the globe. Putting their lives at risk in the name of delivering the news. There are also media practitioners who have lost their lives while on duty, all in the name of press freedom. Therefore, I ask everyone to stand in solidarity with our pressmen and offer them your support and encouragement and above all, honour my brothers and sisters in the media. 

They are also frontliners in their own right. Giving their all for our beloved Malaysia.


Yeap Ming Liong

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