World Press Freedom Day Campaign

In conjunction with World Press Freedom Day, Quest International University (QIU) launched a one-week awareness campaign lasting from May 3 till May 7. As part of the celebration, yellow ribbons, a symbol of press freedom, were distributed among the students and staff. 

On the meaning of press freedom, Bachelor of Corporate Communication student, Alexander Jeremy Joseph said that it is the right to circulate information and opinions without being penalised. He reminds all to not forget about the sacrifices of journalists, as many often risk their lives and reputation in their pursuit of truth. 

According to campaign advisor/journalism lecturer, Noor Zuleika Zulkipli, journalism has reached new heights of relevance. Factual stories and accurate information have become even more important due to the increasing ease in circulating fake news. Journalists must adapt to change and adopt new ways to effectively reach their audience.

In lieu of just printing physical papers, news agencies are focusing their attention on social media and online portals to suit the audience’s needs. 

“I hope the students of QIU and around the world will be versatile in terms of their writing. Not only for newspapers, but also for different social media platforms. News should be produced ethically. Be mindful that reliability in information is crucial and it’s the role of the journalist to disseminate news for public interest,” she stressed.

Lecturer of QIU, Muhamad Amirul Faiz explained that media practitioners have the right to write freely. However, in any journalistic practice, it is essential to have gatekeepers or editors to ensure news accuracy and that it is bias-free.


Gisele Soo


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