Fake News Regarding Covid Cluster at The Haven Ipoh

The Haven Ipoh is protesting the spreading of vicious and unfounded rumours, fake audio and video clips in various languages being circulated on social media, WhatsApp and other messenger platforms on there being a cluster of Covid infection originating in its premises.

The spreading of these fake news is harmful to the business, more so at this time when the tourism and hospitality sector is going through the most challenging times.

“It is very disheartening to experience these kinds of deliberate actions aimed at hurting us for no rhyme or reason,” said CEO of The Haven, Peter Chen. “We have always been dutiful and acted in the best interest of our owners, guests, Ipoh, Perak and Malaysia. We are providing a good and unusual service to all who are our clients and owners, and we have and are promoting Ipoh, Perak and the nation selflessly for everyone’s benefit.

“The reasons of the few who initiated these wrongdoings are unsupportable. We politely ask all others not to indiscriminately transmit this and other fake news that can hurt innocent parties unjustifiably. 

“We need to question the reasons behind the need to unnecessarily transmit harmful posts which benefits no one.” 

The Haven enforces strict, frequent and high standards of cleaning and sanitisation at all times, and they will continue to do so, though given that it is wide open and natural spaces are a boon to safety from viruses.

The Haven seeks the cooperation of the public to refrain from sharing unverified or fake news, and to ignore them.

According to a statement by marketing manager Chong Yi Liang, a police report has been lodged to locate the wrongdoers who began the rumours. 

It is highly advised to obtain any latest official updates or information regarding COVID-19 clusters only from verified official channels such as the Perak State Health Department.

The Haven Ipoh is a luxury resort in Malaysia that is naturally framed with the beauty of limestone, forests and lakes. It offers a most attractive eco-vacation destination of 5-star international standards with accommodation, food and service to match, which caters to guests of all generations.

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