Nationwide MCO and Related Rules

By Mei Kuan

Prime Minister Tan Sri Muhyiddin Yassin via his official Facebook page announced a nationwide Movement Control Order (MCO) after chairing a special conference of the National Security Council (MKN) today (May 10).

The following rules are outlined in the media statement:

  1. Interdistrict and interstate travels are banned except for the purpose of emergency, health, work, economy, appointments of vaccination and long-distance couples.
  2. All forms of social gatherings are banned including feasts (kenduri), wedding and engagement receptions, thanksgiving prayer sessions (majlis doa selamat dan tahlil), dinner receptions, birthday celebrations and official receptions of government or private parties. Any form of face-to-face seminars, conferences and meetings are not permitted.
  3. All sports and recreational activities are not allowed except for individual sports and recreation at open areas such as jogging, cycling and exercise with physical distancing.
  4. All educational institutions to be closed. Exceptions are given to students who are about to sit for international examinations. Childcare centres and kindergarten are allowed to operate according to set SOPs.
  5. The number of people in a private vehicle, taxi and e-hailing vehicle is limited to 3 people only inclusive of the driver. The number of people permitted in a vehicle transporting goods and of the industrial / economic activity chain is dependent on the number permitted in registration licence. Number of people permitted in public transport to follow set SOPs with physical distancing.
  6. Dine-ins in restaurants and food shops are not allowed. Sales of food via drive-thru and takeaways are allowed.
  7. It is mandatory for employers to implement the work from home (BDR) policy with attendance of no more than 30% of management staff at all times. BDR for the public sector to be determined by the guidelines set by the Chief Secretary from time to time.
  8. Visits to homes and graves during the Hari Raya Aidilfitri celebration are not allowed.
  9. Hari Raya prayers (solat sunat Aidilfitri) is allowed with no more than 50 devotees in attendance for mosques and surau (prayer house) that can accommodate over 1,000 devotees, and 20 devotees for mosques and surau that can accommodate less than 1,000 devotees. The same limit applies for the daily mandatory prayers (solat fardu lima waktu) and Friday prayers (solat Jumaat).
  10.  Operation of non-Islamic houses of worship to also be tightened while SOPs are to be determined by the Ministry of National Unity.

The travel ban and ban on social, sporting and educational activities are effective beginning May 10 till June 6 while the other rules are effective beginning May 12 till June 7.

Throughout this period, all economic sectors are permitted to operate.

Detailed SOPs on all bans and rules under the MCO to be announced by the National Security Council.

Muhyiddin urged all to stay disciplined and adhere to the SOPs to break the chain of COVID-19 transmission. 

“We had succeeded in flattening the curve of the COVID-19 transmission during the first and second wave of the outbreak. I would like to remind all that the third wave that we are facing is more critical and aggressive. We have not yet won. Let us face the third wave with full discipline,” he stated.

“Avoid crowded places, practise physical distancing, always wear a face mask at public settings and clean your hands at all times besides practising good personal hygiene,” he reminded.


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