MBI City Councillors Sworn In

25 city councillors were sworn in during a ceremony at Ipoh City Council (MBI) earlier today (May 10).

They have commenced their service since May 1 this year, which will last till April 30, 2023.

The line-up comprises the Datuk Bandar (Mayor), Barisan Nasional (BN) (12), Malaysian United Indigenous Party (PPBM) (7) and Malaysian Islamic Party (PAS) (5).

They are:

  1.   Mahader Ahmad Mohammad Ayob
  2.   Mazlan Abd Rahman 
  3.   Abu Bakar Hussian
  4.   Nor Afzainizam Salleh 
  5.   Jaya Ganesh Selvaraju 
  6.   Azmi Murad Mohamad Yusof 
  7.   Mohammad Iskandar Abdul Rahman 
  8.   Mohammad Sharif
  9.   Puteri Holijah Muhamad Rali 
  10. Dr. Richard Ng
  11. Ganesan Athinarayanan 
  12. Khoo Boon Chuan
  13. Ho Wai Mun 
  14. Jayagopi M. Subramaniam 
  15. Dato’ Azizul Kama Abd Aziz 
  16. Kamarulzaman Abdullah 
  17. Mohamad Annuar Baharudin 
  18. Datuk Ahmad Hariri Kamarudin 
  19. Hajah Norul Huda Ahmad Nator 
  20. Datuk Mohd Nasri Shaari
  21. Chan Soon Yip 
  22. Mohd Rafaad Razalli
  23. Syed Mohd Noor Hisam Syed Hassan
  24. Thilak Raj Gunasekaran 

The swearing-in was witnessed by the Mayor of Ipoh, Dato’ Rumaizi Baharin.

Chris Teh


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One Comment

  1. Please don’t get me wrong!
    Why do we need so many City Councilors? Educate me please.
    What I observe is sub-contracts have been given to grass cutters and we need permanent staff, so that they will be dedicated to their area of responsibility (ownership).

    What is the job responsibility of City Councilors? Is this cost effective? Do we perform any accomplishments, cost savings, wastages by former City Councilors?
    A Malaysian citizen is asking….

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