RM1.95 Million of Smuggled Goods Seized by PGA Northern Brigade

Some RM1.95 million worth of smuggled goods were seized by the General Operations Force (PGA) Northern Brigade during the first six months of this year.

According to the Northern Brigade’s Deputy Commander, Assistant Commissioner Mohd Noh Khamis, this involved 188 cases via various operations held at the national borders of Malaysia in Perak, Perlis and Kedah from January 1 until June 30.

“Out of the total worth of goods, ketum (kratom) leaves of 36,087kg comprised the most value at RM1.08 million.

“Also seized were 465 bottles of cough medicine, 13.98g of syabu drugs, seven rifles, 99 bullets, 89 units of poultry and 60 vehicles inclusive of three boats.

“Others comprise 89 units of poultry, 545kg of meat and 9,400 cigarettes,” he explained during a media session at the PGA Northern Brigade Headquarters in Ulu Kinta earlier today (July 5).

Mohd Noh added, 79 individuals linked to the cases were captured in the duration of the six-month operations.

“This comprised 64 local citizens, 12 Thai citizens including a woman and three Burmese citizens.

“In comparison to the same duration in 2020, this was a reduction of 60 from 139 captured individuals last year.

“The value of seized goods is also much less compared to last year at RM3.84 million which involved 205 cases.

“This is perhaps due to the ongoing Movement Control Order (MCO) and the resulting closure of international borders to the public.

“Despite that, around 350 officers and personnel are still deployed every month to defend the national borders during the MCO, whereby they’re mobilised to track and monitor the ever-changing ‘rat holes’ (smuggling routes) every day.

“However, that won’t dampen our spirits towards putting an end on any smuggling activities,” he expressed.


Chris Teh


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