Houses on Fire in Kampar, One Casualty Reported

A fire broke out in three houses at Kampung Padang Tembak in Kampar late at night yesterday (July 22).

A spokesperson for the Perak Fire and Rescue Department (JBPM) said that an emergency call regarding the incident was received at around 11.48pm.

“Upon the arrival of a squad and a vehicle from Kampar Fire and Rescue Station (BBP), the B-class houses of 20×30 sq ft each had already been consumed by the fire.

“The first house was severely damaged by the fire, with 90 percent of the structure destroyed. The one next to it and the third were respectively 80 and 40 percent damaged by the spread of the fire.

“Two victims were involved in the aftermath: a man in his 50s who succumbed to burn injuries on the spot, and his wife in her 60s, who suffered breathing difficulty from the smoke.

“The squad, aided by Tapah BBP, extinguished the fire using two hose reels of 300ft each with three jets using offensive and defensive techniques.

“The female victim was rushed to Hospital Kampar, while the remains of the deceased victim, which were found at the front door of the first house, were handed over to the police for further actions.

“The cause of the fire is still under investigation,” the spokesperson explained.

The operation which ended in the wee hours of 3.33am today (July 23) was led by Senior Assistant Fire Superintendent (PKPgB) Meor Mohamad Ali Meor Hussin.


Chris Teh


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