Zero Hunger by MHS Perak 

Malaysia Hindu Sangam Perak State Council Welfare and Social Development Bureau distributed Gardenia Bonanza White Sandwich Bread under the Annapurna – Zero Hunger programme on August 8 (Sunday) in Ipoh. There were a total of 100 participants and the bread goods were distributed to the elderly in the community. 

“It was a touching moment as we had the opportunity to witness them light up in joy, which gave us a new way to harness the whole experience,” said Pathma Devi, MHS Perak State Welfare Head, in a recent statement. She also thanked her team for helping to put a smile on the elderly folks’ faces.

Aside from Pathma Devi, the distribution was also led by Mrs Nageswari, MHS Perak State Welfare Section Deputy Head; Mr Subramaniam, Secretary of MHS Perak State Welfare Section and Mr Rajasegaran, MHS Mambang Diawan LC Welfare Head. 

MHS Perak state expresses their utmost gratitude to Mr and Mrs Nageswari Rajasegaran and family for their generous contribution.


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