ICU Sufficient in Accommodating COVID-19 Patients in Perak

Intensive care unit (ICU) beds in hospitals of Perak are still sufficient in handling COVID-19 cases, despite the recent surge in cases in the state. 

The Menteri Besar of Perak, Dato’ Saarani Mohamad commented when refuting claims that hospitals have exceeded their COVID-19 treatment capacities, particularly for those who require admission into ICU.

“Fret not, hospitals in the state can still accommodate incoming patients. We’ve yet to reach the breaking point where patients need to sleep on the floor.

“The patients come and go every day after recovering from COVID-19 infection and thus, more ICU beds are made vacant for the next.

“We need to remember that the number of cases in Perak fluctuate in accordance with varying results of swab tests carried out by health staff daily.

“As such, the more tests are done, the more would-be positive cases that’ll be identified, and this is not an occurrence out of the norm.”

He explained in an online media session held via Zoom today (August 19).

Saarani added, the government had foreseen such a situation happening when mass swab tests had been decided for implementation in the state.

“Should we not do so, we will never know the actual number of underlying positive cases in Perak.

“The government and other relevant authorities do not prevent any information pertaining to COVID-19 in the state from being disclosed to the public,” he further mentioned.


Chris Teh


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