Proposal for a New PPV in Aeon Big Falim

The efforts to combat the COVID-19 pandemic must be shouldered together in order to achieve herd immunity.

Council Member of the Ipoh City Council (MBI) for Zone 11 (Bercham), Ho Wai Mun, said it is in the framework of his proposal to set up a vaccination centre (PPV) in Aeon Big, Falim.

“We have consulted with the Chairperson of the Perak Chinese Chamber of Commerce & Industry (PCCCI), Dato’ Liew Chee Meng, and its members including representatives from Aeon Big regarding the establishment of PPV in the shopping complex.

“This location is suitable to be made a PPV because there are various facilities and a comfortable space. It is also close to residential and industrial areas.

“I am confident that the establishment of PPV here can help further enhance the process of vaccination for city folks as well as support the National COVID-19 Immunisation Programme (PICK),” he stated during his visit to Aeon Big, Falim yesterday (August 18).

Wai Mun added that an agreement had also been reached to extend the proposal to the Executive Councillor for Health, Science, Environment and Green Technology, Mohd Akmal Kamarudin.

“The implementation of such a programme can prevent the occurrence of dropouts among the population in receiving vaccine injections,” he said.


Rosli Mansor


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