MBI Launches 13 Units of 8-tonne Open Trucks

The Ipoh City Council (MBI) has purchased 23 units of lorries worth RM3,668,500. Out of the total, 17 units of open lorries (eight tonnes) will be used specifically for free garden and bulk waste collection services.

Ipoh Mayor, Dato’ Rumaizi Baharin @ Md Daud said it is to speed up the bulk garbage collection process. MBI also launched 13 units of open lorries (eight tonnes) aimed at improving the environmental quality of the city.

“However, for the time being, the trucks will be used to overcome the disrupted garbage collection in neighbourhoods.

“Meanwhile, six more lorries are used to overcome the problem of illegal dumping to maintain the city’s cleanliness. MBI has appointed a total of 56 employees and 14 new drivers for this purpose.

“The operation of the garden and bulk waste collection service will begin on September 17 according to the schedule that has been set; once a month in all housing areas,” he told the media after the launching ceremony for the free services today (September 16).

MBI has installed a total of 103 signboards on the service schedule throughout Ipoh, distributed leaflets, as well as made announcements via mass media.

Citizens can also obtain the garbage collection schedule for the entire council area by scanning the QR Code on signboards, pamphlets and the council portal.

For the service, garbage such as leaves, weeds and small materials must be put in plastic garbage bags and tied tightly.

Tree branches and twigs must be cut short, arranged and tied tightly. As for furniture, it must first be broken into small pieces, then arranged and tied tightly.

“The council will not collect tree stumps or large tree trunks. Collection is only made once a month according to the schedule that has been set, and there are no additional services other than the dates stated in the schedule.

“Residents are only allowed to bring out garden waste a day before the scheduled collection is carried out. MBI hopes that the citizens will always practise the culture of using rubbish bins to improve the quality of a clean environment, ”he said.

Pursuant to the Garbage Collection, Disposal and Disposal By-Laws, MP1 1986. UUK 3 (1), the owner or resident shall provide and maintain a rubbish bin with a tightly closed lid not more than 0.085 cu. meters in volume.

UUK 3 (2), all household rubbish must be put in plastic bags and tied tightly before being put in the rubbish bin.


Rosli Mansor


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