More Trees to Come for Planting in Ipoh to Sustain the Environment

2,000 trees have been planted in Ipoh between November last year until this month of September as of time of writing.

According to the chief executive officer of MB Inc, Anuar Zainal Abidin, it is part of the Stay Green Programme via Menteri Besar Incorporated’s (MB Inc) tree planting campaign.

“The number is out of 75,000 total trees planted in the same period across the state, with around RM1.5 million allocated for the purpose. 

“We know that the number is rather low for the capital of Perak, but rest assured, more trees will be allocated for planting in Ipoh in the near future.

“As the programme is still in its early phase, there is much to be coordinated because it’s a collective effort between MB Inc with 50 other agencies and parties including various government departments, environment-caring NGOs and education institutes, as well as communities from all over Perak.”

He explained in a media session at the Perak Techno-Trade Centre (PTTC) today (September 20), adding that the trees were planted in mostly developed areas, such as mosques and along paved spaces of the city.

Anuar separately mentioned that MB Inc will be working closely with the state government to ensure that development plans in store for Perak are balanced with environmental sustainability.

“There are currently 70 operative quarries in the state, which is equivalent to a five percent utilisation of the vast limestone hills of Perak.

“Ipoh, being the central figure of development, will naturally utilise more resources, especially limestone cement.

“However, with that said, we have plans to engage in the rehabilitation processes of flora and fauna exclusive to these limestone hill forests in the future.

“As such, more trees will be planted to counter the effects of development,” he mentioned.

Also present was chief of Strategic Corporate Communications for MB Inc, Siti Kamesah Bee Md Hashim.

“Meanwhile, MB Inc will continue the tree planting effort and we would like to invite even more parties to lend a helping hand in conserving the environment,” Anuar expressed.

Stay Green programme by MB Inc with Friends of the Earth Malaysia (SAM), an NGO


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