Feed the Strays Responsibly 

Let’s not forget about our furry companions that are living on the streets. Most of them are surviving on an empty stomach, day after day without food. Life has always been tough for them, but these unprecedented times have no doubt added to their plight. Many more of them are being left behind by their families

However, the pandemic has also seen many compassionate souls feeding strays as well as contributing whatever they can to help. These people go out of their way to help the innocent creatures on the streets out of the kindness of their hearts. 

If you would like to become an animal feeder, here is what you can do to be a responsible one according to an infographic posted on the Facebook page of Noah’s Ark Ipoh:

  1. Be mindful of keeping the area clean by bringing a disposable bag to discard the trash as the smell and odour may attract pests such as rats and snakes.
  2. Try to place the food on large leaves instead of plastic bags to prevent unintentional litter in the area, as leaves can be broken down easily.
  3. Avoid feeding at places frequented by people such as residential areas or shophouses. This is to avoid man-animal conflict.
  4. One can also carry out cleaning activities around the areas strays live in, to ensure they can stay in more hygienic surroundings. 
Photo sourced from Noah’s Ark Ipoh

Gisele Soo


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