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Exhibition of the Longest Mural in Malaysia To Raise Funds for Palestine

A mural painting of 24.38 metres in length attracts the attention of visitors to the Palestine Carnival which carries the theme ‘Antara Perjuangan & Air Mata’ (Of Fights & Tears).

A total of 20 murals produced by 10 local painters are displayed, each measuring 1.22m x 2.44m. 

According to the chairperson of Jalinan Bersatu Sahabat Perak (Jabat Perak), Amiruddin Mohd Daud or fondly known as Tok Anjang, fans of mural art also have the chance to purchase the displayed work.

“The price for a unit of mural begins at RM800.00. However, the price is negotiable. A total of 60% of the proceeds from the sale will be donated to the Palestine Peace Fund (Tabung Aman Palestin).

“This is our sign of solidarity with the Palestinian people who have been living in hardship under the Zionist regime,” he said during the launch of the carnival which will be held for six days beginning November 2 till 7 at Spacepark, Level 2, Angsana Mall, Ipoh.

It is organised by Jabat Perak, Aman Palestin, Angsana Mall and Spacepark.

Besides an exhibition of the longest mural in Malaysia, there are also blood donation campaigns, BMX shows, charity sales and others. 

Council Member of the Ipoh City Council (MBI) for Zone 5, Datuk Azizul Kama Abd Aziz stated that the carnival will not only help to raise funds for the Palestinian people, it also highlights new talents of mural art.

“I hope Perakeans especially can take some time to view these paintings with high artistic value and with a humanitarian message in support for Palestine,” explained Azizul, who bought a mural by the youngest painter, 16-year-old Nur Hakimi Azin from Ipoh.

The council also contributed food boxes to 35 family representatives from the B40 group. The donation in the form of food items was sponsored by Econsave supermarket and Aman Palestin.


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