German Ambassador to Ipoh Shares Knowledge on Environmental Sustainability 

The visit of the German Ambassador in Malaysia, Dr. Peter Blomeyer, to Ipoh created a new milestone in the sharing of knowledge and experience on environmental conservation especially in terms of sustainability.

Dr. Peter, during his week-long visit to Perak, spent some time here before departing for Royal Belum in Gerik. 

He visited the office of the non-governmental organisation (NGO), Ipoh City Watch (ICW) at Kinta Heights.

Ipoh City Councillor, Dr. Richard Ng said that the visit of Dr. Peter was a very meaningful one as he is very passionate when it comes to environmental issues.

“We are honoured to receive his presence during a discussion session on environmental conservation, which is vital for future generations. 

“Among the discussed issues is climate change.”

During the session with ICW, Dr. Peter was also briefed on the recycling campaigns carried out by the NGO involving local communities, namely ‘trash2cash’ and ‘trash4food’. 

As a memory, Dr. Peter then planted a bamboo plant at an empty land at Kinta Heights, which was then followed by a plaque-signing.

Meanwhile, Dr. Peter praised the efforts of environmental conservation, especially those by the state government which can be emulated by other states.

He was impressed by the success of Taiping in implementing the first phase of the Age-Friendly City pilot project by the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) in 2019. 

“Start caring for the environment. Even by recycling a plastic bottle, it is a good first step. 

“Germany, for example, practices efficient recycling as we need to take care of the environment for future generations,” he stated.


Rosli Mansor


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