Our Garden Campaign Encourages Agriculture in the Community

The state government via the state agricultural department established the Kebun Kita (Our Garden) campaign to encourage agricultural activities among the people.

Menteri Besar,  Dato’ Seri Saarani Mohamad said a total of RM3,109,000 has been allocated to aid individual and community projects.

“Overall, the campaign targets a total of 7,657 individuals and 147 communities. Every community involves 10 participants and the overall communal participants are 1,470 people. 

“This means the total number of campaign participants is 9,127 people or equivalent to 9,127 houses. If each house has four occupants, then it means the programme benefits more than 36,508 Perakeans.

“Through the campaign, individual participants are supplied with items such as pots, seeds, fertiliser, biopesticide, planting materials and manuals. Meanwhile, communal participants are supplied with fertigation system sets, fertiliser, soil, planter boxes, biopesticide and others,” he said in a recent media statement. 

According to Saarani, the initiative is hoped to instill love for the agricultural field among the people, starting with a kitchen garden in their respective backyard. 

“Plant what we eat, eat what we plant and the extra produce can be sold or donated. 

“For your information, the plants at the Urban Farming Promotional Square are in the second round of planting. During the first round, passion fruit, gourd, cucumber, water spinach, spinach, mustard greens, Chinese broccoli, Chinese cabbage, brinjal and red chilli were planted. The harvest of the first round reached almost 200 kilograms. 

“For the second round, passion fruit is retained while gourd, water spinach, spinach, bird’s eye chilli, brinjal and cabbage are planted again,” he added.


Rosli Mansor 


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