Stray Animals Given a Second Life at Adoption Drive

More than 40 stray animals found new loving homes at the adoption drive held at Aeon Midtown Falim, Menglembu last weekend.

The drive was organised by Protem Sri Sathya Sai Global Organisation Malaysia and co-organised by PapanSouls and Noah’s Ark Ipoh Animal Welfare. 

Our homeless furry friends were given a second chance at a happy life as many people have grown conscious of the need to support and care for the street animals. 

According to Noah’s Ark president Norfazilatun, adopting strays can significantly help reduce pet homelessness. “Over the years, we notice that people choose to adopt rather than buy a pet. This shows that many are aware of the importance of helping the abandoned animals by providing them a healthy and happy life.”

She told Ipoh Echo that the shelter is looking forward to organising more of these pet adoption drives to encourage the public to adopt as well as help the strays find a forever family.  

The adopters were mostly young adults who are new pet owners and keen to help the poor souls, or families who were looking to bring in a furbaby. They were also given additional contact information should they require guidance on how to go about and care for their newly adopted pets.

A volunteer who goes by the name Keshturi said she is delighted to see the animals being taken to a new home but hopes they are in good hands. 

“We have seen many occasions where adopters returned the dogs when they no longer fit the category of ‘cute’. However, we would still try to persuade them but in most cases, we take the animals back to the safe house,” she lamented.

Another common issue is pet owners who cannot manage their dogs’ behaviour problems, especially those that exhibit aggression such as barking and biting. This also contributed to them returning the dogs to the safe house.  

PapanSouls is a group run by a team of volunteers who are animal enthusiasts and seek to change the fate of the homeless pets. Focusing on the strays’ welfare at the Papan Landfill, the group is currently still in the process of registering as an NGO. 

Want a furry best friend? Adopt one!

Stay tuned for more updates at the PapanSouls and Noah’s Ark Facebook pages.


Gisele Soo



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