State Government Ensures Road Concession Company Performs Well

The method of maintenance management of all roads under the local authorities (PBT) measuring 7,908km via the concession appointed by the state government is a proactive step of the state government to reduce the burden of PBT. 

Thus, the state government via the State Economic Planning Unit (UPEN) and PBT always monitors the implementation and performance of the work contract of the concession company, Puncak Emas Infra Sdn Bhd (PE), since it’s implementation began. 

Executive Councillor for Housing, Local Government and Tourism, Dato’ Nolee Ashilin binti Dato’ Mohammed Radzi said a few surveillance methods have been carried out, including periodical meetings with the concession party at various levels, as well as impromptu and scheduled site inspection visits to enhance understanding of inspection officers on the work done by PE.

According to her, via this monitoring, it is found that there is still misunderstanding and confusion on the scope of jobs to be completed by the concession with jobs to be completed by other departments and agencies.

“The job scope of PE is maintenance work only covering routine works such as fixing potholes, cutting grass, cleaning road furniture, bridges, sewage and drains. 

“Meanwhile, periodical work includes resurfacing of roads, maintenance of road structures, repairing sinkholes and drains, slope maintenance, replacement of road furniture, tree cutting and emergency works on roads registered in the Malaysian Road Records Information System (MARRIS). 

“In the guideline, the work of building new roads and upgrading roads is not under the responsibility of PE in the context of the concession agreement,” she said during the wrapping up session of her portfolio during the state assembly sitting.

Nolee said that however, the state government still prepares allocations for MARRIS work alongside allocations via the concession agreement. 

She explained that the PBT will apply for allocation approval from the state financial officer to handle complaints not covered by the concession agreement.

“In managing the weakness in performance of the concession company, the state government will look at the standard operating procedure (SOP) of Non-Compliance Record (NCR) again so that the points raised by the PBT to the concession can be resolved quickly and efficiently to ensure public safety,” she stated.


Rosli Mansor


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