Rotary’s 28th President Installation Successfully Raised RM44,000 

The Rotary Club of Greentown reached a milestone when it successfully raised RM44,000 in a single installation at a fundraising dinner held recently, making it the highest amount raised in the club’s 28 years of service. 

Dr. Monesh Pillai was installed as the club’s 28th President, marking a new chapter for him. He was the sergeant at arms and has been elected since last year. 

Dr Monesh

“All the donations collected will be used for our upcoming projects. Some of the plans are mental health initiatives and children’s education,” he said.

According to him, the club has insights into the importance of staying connected with the local community. Apart from the need to pay attention to social issues such as education and mental health, the club is looking to grow its pool of members. 

“I discovered that many are looking to serve the community, but Rotary is second to none when it comes to transparency and commitment in carrying out service. We have welcomed five new members to our club this year and they have shown much passion in giving back to the community. I hope more members can get on board with our dynamic team,” he shared. 

He told Ipoh Echo that good fellowship is more than merely conducting projects and services, and having meet-up sessions occasionally can help cement the bond of friendships among the members. 

Dr. Monesh, who specialises in occupational medicine, has two medical clinics in Ipoh. In addition, he is also a committee member of the Malaysia Medical Association of Perak. 

Rotary is a service organisation which has been around for over 100 years and has played a big part in the eradication of polio. The Rotary Club of Greentown has carried out numerous local and international projects since it was established.

Members of Rotary Club of Greentown

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