New Year, New You?

The crisis has turned possibilities upside down, leaving an indelible mark on our lives. Honestly, we are all just trying to pull through this unpleasant moment which has put our lives on pause. 

The pandemic has altered the way we connect with each other, replacing the carefree days of casual hugging and handshakes to a mandate of mask wearing and physical distancing. We are forced to avoid social touch because keeping a distance is now for the safety of all. 

But more than anything, to many, it feels as if the pandemic has robbed us of our hopes and the freedom to dream. Uncertainty is constantly looming in the horizon, and many opportunities feel limited due to travel restrictions and the fear for our own safety. 

Is the new year a way to start anew, then? 

As we went through the second day of 2022, we pondered the kind of thoughts the situation has evoked. To pursue this, Ipoh Echo sought out the community to answer the question.

The things we asked were:

  1. What are you looking forward to in 2022?
  2. What are you leaving behind in 2021? 
  3. Do you believe in New Year’s Resolutions?

Fifty-five-year-old Chandra D/O Sathiapalan hopes that this year will be a year of healing for all of humanity and everyone will have a better life without the new variants of COVID-19 and natural disasters.

As for 24-year-old Kourtney, who is working as an advertising account executive, she brought up that 2021 has undeniably been a difficult year for many. “I do look forward to a kinder and more fruitful new year and I’d like to create more precious memories with friends and family to treasure.”  

Both of them said that in order to move forward, we must let go and release the old pain, let bygones be bygones. Chandra shared, “The three things I want to move past are my stress, worries and woes. As someone who was widowed just days before our country was gripped by the pandemic, I felt like my whole world was overturned. I want to lead a happier and calmer life in the future with my children with no more worries about the pandemic.”

Sheryl, a retired special needs teacher said, “I want to leave behind all the sorrows, worries, sicknesses and the pain to be dissolved. Trash all the bitter past or grudges and toss them in the ocean. Focus my energy on the New Year and on the now.”

Resolutions are believed to be something people look forward to, acting as the fuel that drives motivation as it lays the groundwork for them to start a new chapter. However, the notion is highly subjective as there are also many who do not believe in them. 

Chandra told us that she doesn’t believe in New Year’s resolutions. Instead, she believes in going with the flow to avoid disappointment from failing to achieve the resolutions. 

On the other hand, Sheryl highlighted, “I believe in New Year resolutions. We can write our resolutions down in our journal or notebook so that we know and it’s clear to us. A New Year’s resolution serves as a guideline or goals we wish to achieve, change or accomplish with the hope and aims for a brighter and better tomorrow,”

Meanwhile, Kourtney said, “I personally don’t believe in New Year’s resolutions as we always have the freedom to choose to change and better ourselves at any point in our lives. However, the concept of New Year’s resolutions might serve as a form of comfort for some to turn to a new page in their lives and that’s wonderful.”

Gisele Soo


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