40,300 Received Vaccinations at Perak Community Specialist Hospital

A total of 40,300 individuals have received COVID-19 vaccine shots including booster doses at the Perak Community Specialist Hospital (PCSH) since May last year.

PCSH was also the first private hospital in Perak to be appointed as a vaccination center (PPV) to facilitate the public vaccination process.

PCSH Chief Executive Officer, Nicholas Chan said that booster dose injections have been implemented since November last year.

According to him, the hospital can accommodate about 400 recipients who attend by appointment or walk-in on a daily basis. 

“Most of those who come for the booster dose are in the age range of 40 years and above, especially working class individuals.

“Besides that, we also saw people in their 20s as well as teenagers who came to receive their booster dose, especially those with chronic disease,” he said.

He had earlier reviewed the booster dose vaccination process received by some of the media personnel in Perak, who are considered frontliners.

Nicholas said that based on his observation, more and more recipients are now coming forward to get booster dose injections following the Ministry of Health’s effort to reduce the waiting time after completion of the initial vaccination.

He said that this is a positive development as it shows that the community is concerned about the current situation.

“In addition, the booster dose also serves as protection for one’s body immunity to prevent infection against the transmission of new variants of COVID-19,” he said.


Rosli Mansor


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