Promoting TT5 Maze Park Internationally

TT5 Maze Park, the latest eco-tourism attraction of MB Inc via its subsidiary, Amanjaya TT5 Sdn. Bhd was promoted at an international level at the Expo 2020 Dubai on December 31. The expo was one of the largest events in the world and joined by 192 countries.

TT5 Maze Park is located next to the iconic tin mining monument at Kinta Valley National Geopark, the Tanjung Tualang Tin Dredge No.5 (TT5). The park combined eight unique  and fun elements forming a love-shaped maze. It made use of materials synonymous to the state such as minerals, recycled items and thatched roof (atap rumbia) handcrafted by the Orang Asli. 

The TT5 and TT5 Maze Park also received the attention of the Minister of Tourism, Arts and Culture Malaysia, Datuk Sri Nancy Shukri when she visited the Perak tourism product exhibition site after officiating the Malaysia Pavilion at the expo.

Present were the Ambassador of Malaysia to the United Arab Emirates (UAE), Mohd Tarid Sufian; Consul General, Mohd Hasril Abdul Hamid; Mayor of Ipoh, Datuk Rumaizi Baharin; CEO of MB Inc, Anuar Zainal Abidin and CEO of Tourism Management Berhad, Nurmalis Musa.

Anuar expressed gratitude for the opportunity for MB Inc to promote state tourism products namely, TT5 and TT5 Maze Park up to the international level.

He explained that besides conserving the tin dredge, MB Inc also hopes to develop the former tin mining site by greening its surrounding with trees and introducing the latest TT5 Maze Park designed for tourism and family-oriented fun.

“Besides being a love-shaped maze garden, TT5 Maze Park has a petting zoo and The Can Tin cafe with a 70s concept serving dim sum and Ipoh white coffee. It also has a scenic view,” he stated.

He said that the TT5 Maze Park is the largest and first heart-shaped maze in Malaysia, attracting the attention of domestic and international tourists.

According to him, MB Inc is committed by targeting an increase of domestic tourists up to 60% and international tourists by 40%. 

“We expect the arrival of tourists from Western Asia and Asia including China and Singapore. 

Tourists from the United Kingdom (UK) are also expected as the tin dredge at TT5 was built in England around the 1930s. 

“This will attract international tourists to have a closer look at the marvel engineering built during the glorious era of tin mining in Perak as well as the latest TT5 Maze Park,” he added. 

For more info on the TT5 Maze Park and TT5, visit its website (, Facebook (TT5 Perak) or Instagram (@tt5perak). 

Rosli Mansor


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