Kacang Putih Shop Destroyed in a Fire

A popular shop that processes and sells kacang putih (titbits) at Kampung Kacang Putih, Buntong in Ipoh was destroyed in a fire incident early this morning.

A spokesperson of the state fire and rescue department explained that the department received an emergency call about the incident at 1.08am.

According to the spokesperson, a team of personnel, together with machinery from the fire and rescue station, was sent to the location of the incident.

“Upon arrival, the fire was found rapidly destroying the kacang putih shop.

“The fire also caused the adjacent double-storey house to be 30% destroyed. A Honda EX-5 motorcycle and a Nissan Vanette van were also burnt. 

“The personnel put out the fire using two water hoses of 200 feet and three water jets sourced from the bomba’s pipe till the fire was completely out.

The operation was aided by personnel and machinery from the fire and rescue stations of Meru Raya, Pasir Puteh and Simpang Pulai, as well as a team of voluntary firemen.

No casualties were reported.

The operation led by Senior Firemen Officer Khairuddin Hussin ended at 4.15am.

The cause of the fire and the total loss are still under investigation. 


Rosli Mansor


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