Letter: Do not abuse your car’s sunroof function

There seems to be an increase in parents allowing their children to stick their heads out of the car’s sunroof while the vehicle is in motion. This is very dangerous, to say the least. One can only imagine the worst that would happen if an emergency brake situation was to take place.

Regardless of emergency braking or even if the car is stationary, this action must stop. Parents need to be responsible for their children’s safety. It is not only required by law, but it is the right thing to do. I do not know what is going through their minds when they allow their kids to commit such a dangerous act. This literally gives a new perspective to the term throwing caution to the wind.

Please, keep your children safely strapped into their seats! It is already risky enough during a normal ride where accidents can happen at any time. Allowing your children to stick their head out of the sunroof screams danger. Do not even claim that it is only for a short while. It should not even happen for even one second. A life lost is a life lost. No amount of safety features in the most sophisticated vehicle can change that fact.

I have always been an advocate for safe and defensive driving. We have already seen so much wastage of dear life simply because of reckless, drunk and careless drivers. I do not wish to see any more just because some parents thought that it was okay for their kids to have some fun.

By now we all know of someone who lost their life due to COVID-19. The pandemic has robbed us of so much. The government has allowed interstate travel and even tourism, but this does not mean we can allow irresponsible actions such as the unsafe usage of the sunroof by children to happen.

We have just celebrated the New Year. All of us hope for a prosperous, safe and healthy 2022. However, it is a huge step backwards if there are still irresponsible, immature and selfish individuals out there who do not practise good parenting skills. Be a responsible parent or guardian. There is still time to change your ways. Do not wait until there is blood on your hands.


Yeap Ming Liong


Disclaimer: The views and opinions expressed in this article are those of the author and do not  necessarily reflect the official policy or position of Ipoh Echo.



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