Chicken Farmers Urged to Shift to Modern Farms

Traditional poultry farmers in Perak are encouraged to switch their method of open farming to modern farms. 

In 2021, the state government has called on all chicken farms to move to a closed system within the next three years. 

The current way of farming poultry is causing a nuisance to the people as the chicken coops may be infested with flies. 

According to the Plantation, Agriculture and Food Industry committee chairperson, Razman Zakaria, farm owners should convert their farms immediately to prevent any discomfort to the residents. 

He explained that the state government will impose stricter standards wherein the Veterinary Services Department will be given the green light to take action against chicken farms that refuse to comply.

“Currently, only a fine of RM2,000 will be imposed under the Poultry Plantation Enactment 2005, however, the state government is in the midst of drafting a new enactment for the State Legislative Assembly (DUN) in the future.

“In the new enactment, the fine will increase from RM2,000 to RM20,000,” he said. 

Meanwhile, a survey found that a total of 1,000 residents involving 600 houses in Changkat Lobak have been facing the problem of flies from several farms for over 20 years.

A resident of the Kampung Changkat Lobak Development and Security committee, Mohd Ridzuan Zulkifli, said the issue is due to open farms operated by several entrepreneurs in the area.

“The problem of flies is annoying when it comes to having meals; flies always land on food,” he said. He said it was more embarrassing when outsiders visited the houses of the residents here, often feeling disgusted when they saw the number of flies flying around.

*News sourced from Bernama


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