Dengue Prevention Only Takes 10 Minutes Every Week

By Mei Kuan

The Ipoh City Council (MBI) advised Ipohites to spend 10 minutes a week to check the areas inside and outside of their respective houses to destroy the breeding grounds of Aedes mosquitoes.

“The alternate rainy and hot season in the city can increase the breeding density of Aedes mosquitoes which causes a rise in the number of dengue cases,” the council stated via a Facebook post dated today.

The life cycle of an Aedes mosquito from egg to adult takes only seven days. Thus, break the cycle by destroying their breeding grounds within the home and its surroundings once a week.

The places to inspect within the house include refrigerator trays, containers under the dish drying racks, ant traps, water tubs, toilet cisterns, pails and vases.

For instance, the toilet cisterns should be closed tightly and added with insecticides to kill mosquito larvae. Faulty cisterns should be repaired immediately.

As for the surroundings, one is advised to check the water drums, plant pot trays, tyres, hydroponic tanks, pet drinking bowls, drains and rain gutters.

Polystyrene food containers and various tins should be properly disposed of. Meanwhile, canvases and all kinds of plastics should be folded and stored at a place safe from rain.

Poster sourced from the Facebook page of the Ipoh City Council
Sourced from the Facebook page of the Ipoh City Council


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