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Symphony Suites Offers ‘Daging Harimau Menangis’ This Ramadan

As Symphony Suites is the only hotel serving the popular ‘Daging Harimau Menangis’ this Ramadan, it is not to be missed.

A well-loved menu item from our neighbouring country Thailand, the barbecued beef dish features the most tender meat.

Daging Harimau Menangis

General Manager of Symphony Suites, Muhamad Hairil Kumaradas said the meat is marinated for about one hour and a half and smoked to retain its tenderness and sweetness. It is to be enjoyed with a sauce created by Chef M. Kumaran who has over 12 years of culinary experience.

“The daging harimau menangis and kambing golek (roasted lamb) are the most popular in addition to other main dishes unique to Perak.

“A total of 20 main dishes and 30 appetisers and desserts are served. Every day, the items are rotated with side menus which include daging masak gulai kawah, siput sedut masak lemak cili padi, daging masak lantop, ayam masak kerutuk, ikan masak tempoyak, ikan masak daeng sumur, nasi briyani, nasi hujan panas and nasi kebuli.

There are six stalls serving various grilled items, fried items, rojak pasembor, noodles, satay, char keow teow and shaved ice desserts.

According to Muhamad Hairil, the Ramadan buffet which runs on the concept of “Citarasa Perak” offers more than 100 items for the breaking of fast from April 4 till 30. 

“The rate for adults is RM70 per person, senior citizens of 60 years old and above at RM50 and children of 6 to 12 years old at RM30.

“Book directly to enjoy a special rate at RM60 for adults. Prayer facilities are also available.”

For bookings and inquiries, contact 012-900 2271 (Symphony Cafe) @ 012-900 8538 (Effa).


Rosli Mansor


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