The Plight of a Mother and Son Living on Rainwater For Decades

A local social activist Kuan Chee Heng caught sight of a mother and son duo in the palm oil plantation on a visit to Kampung Gajah, Perak recently. The mother, who is in her 90s and her 50-year-old son have been living on rain and river water for decades while making a meal out of whatever they can find around the plantation.

The house has fallen into a state of dilapidation, without electricity and water and is almost completely obscured by bushes.

Kuan, who is also a former police officer, took to this Facebook page to share the pair’s despair. “Not only are they deprived of basic amenities but they have no bed to sleep on, no tables or chairs to sit on or a kitchen to cook in.

“They are unwilling to move out despite the adversity they endure due to the fear of losing their property,” he said.

Kuan, who initially wanted to offer some money to take the edge off their plight, was asked by the son if they could have two cows as a source of support to generate resources and reproduce.

The house is prone to flooding, which imperils the family when the water level goes up. Thus, the social activist has set out on a mission to raise a fund of RM25,000 to build a safe shelter for them.

Anyone who would like to chip in and lend a hand can visit Kuan’s donation website.

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