Malaysian Family Aspirations Tour Begins at Kampung Gajah

Despite public concerns on increased cooking oil prices, the opportunity to buy this important item at lower prices is still available.

Perakeans, especially those around Perak Tengah, should not miss the opportunity to visit the Malaysian Family Aspirations Tour at the Dato Sagor Circuit, Kampung Gajah.

This is because packets of cooking oil can be purchased there at just RM2.20 with a limit of 5 packets per pax at the stall of Felcra Cooperatives of Seberang Perak.

It is aimed to enable the Malaysian Family in Perak to purchase at affordable prices during the 3-day programme which started from Friday till this Sunday.

Sales manager for the cooperatives, Mohamad Zul Arif Zainol said that the public need not worry about the supply of cooking oil for sale being insufficient.

“We’re supplying five tonnes of cooking oil in packets a day for the three-day sale. So be sure to come here to get your cooking oil.

“We are also holding a promotion where those who spend over RM30 will receive a free packet of wheat flour.

Other items on sale include 10kg Faiza rice at RM22, imported Rambutan rice at RM24, King Cup sardines at RM7.80 and condensed milk at RM2.50.

It was observed that many did not miss the opportunity to buy cooking oil with an average of five packets per person.

A visitor, Nor Liza Hanim said she found out about the sale through a friend who had visited earlier.

“As a housewife, I look forward to special sales like this.

by Rosli Mansor

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