Crew Skills Launch New Training Kitchen and Job Placement Programme

Crew Skills International Culinary School of Asia launched a state of the art Training Kitchen in its school in Ipoh. The event also saw the formalisation of a job placement agreement between Crew Skills and Mid Asia Resources.

The new Training Kitchen, intended to provide a top notch culinary education as well as simulate real world kitchen conditions, is actually separated into several kitchen types, each equipped with some of the best kitchen equipment in the world.

For instance, the Lab Kitchen is equipped with a Pacojet, an appliance capable of producing silky smooth ice creams. And the Fusion Kitchen has temperature controllable induction woks. All this, alongside blast chillers that quickly lower the temperature of food and vacuum sealing equipment, to ensure that the foods made here can enjoy longer shelf lives while maintaining their freshness, taste and texture.

Asked why Ipoh was chosen for the location of the new Training Kitchen, Crew Skills CEO Suresh Supramanyam said that it was because Ipoh was in a central location and that he considered Ipoh as a Food Mecca.

Also present at the event was CEO of Mid Asia Resources, Dr. Chee Chee Meng, who announced a job placement programme developed under guidelines set by the Japanese Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries (MAFF).

Under this programme, students who graduate from Crew Skills’ Japanese cuisine programme with a Japanese language competency of at least N4 (able to understand basic Japanese), will be guaranteed a job in Japan with a minimal salary of RM6000.

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