JCI Organises Kinta Food Hero 2022 to Encourage Business and Tourism

A ‘hungry’ mob was gathered at the Ipoh Convention Centre this morning all chomping at the bit for the kick-off to the Kinta Food Hero 2022 event organised by Junior Chamber International (JCI).

The event, which sent 100 participants on a conquest of comestibles across all of Ipoh, was the first ever food hunting event organised by JCI alongside the Ipoh City Council (MBI) and Bond Holding.

The pandemic had hit local eateries and other businesses hard over the last two years and this event was organised to help revitalise them in addition to promoting tourism to Ipoh.

Among those in attendance were Chairperson of the Board of Directors of Tourism Perak, Dato’ Mohamed Kamil Dato’ Shafie, JCI Kinta President Jasper Ngai, Director from Bond Holdings Ong Teng Boon and sponsor representative from Hovid, Ms. Ng Chern Yuan.

“Ipoh is widely known as ‘food heaven’. Tourists like to come here because of the food. Ipoh is becoming more and more popular in Malaysia and this is thanks to the management of the MBI and other groups such as JCI,” said Dato’ Mohamed Kamil.

“Even during the pandemic in 2021, Perak was #2 behind Johor and ahead of Pahang.

But before they could embark on their expedition of eating, participants had to work up an appetite with a nice 20-minute workout session, courtesy of Urbax Fitness.

After which, they could finally visit the palate pleasing premises of the participating merchants, where they not only sampled the delights that the merchants had to offer, but could play mini-games organised by JCI. All in all,a fun time was had by everyone.

JCI is a non-profit international non-governmental organisation. They had previously raised RM30,000 for victims of the storms that hit Kampung Tawas back in late January this year and will be organising more events catered toward young entrepreneurs later this year.

JCI Organises Kinta Food Hero 2022 to Encourage Business and Tourism

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