MCA Gopeng Set Up A Team to Resolve Residents’ Complaints

MCA Gopeng Infra Special Task Force takes a proactive approach when facilitating ways to resolve community complaints regarding basic amenities.

Through the initiative, this team will conduct a survey to get a real picture before contacting the relevant parties directly.

The Gopeng Parliamentary MCA coordinator, Cally Ting, said that the effort was to ensure that community complaints would be taken into account in a two-way communication.

“Not only extending the complaint to the authorities, they will also ensure that complaints are resolved as quickly as possible.

For instance, they received a complaint from the Indian community from the Organized Village of Lawan Kuda about a collapsed drain bank blocking the flow of water. Following the complaint, a survey of the location was carried out with members of the Kampar District Council (MDK).

“Thank you Ipoh City Council contractor who acted quickly in repairing the collapsed drain bank at the entrance to Persiaran Simpang Pulai,” she said.

She said the response came from a post on her Facebook page recently.

She said that #TeamMCAGopeng will always strive and serve for the well-being of the people of Gopeng.

Cally said again, any resident complaints can be made by calling MCA Gopeng Infra Special Task Force via WhatsApp on 016-5605125.

By Rosli Mansor Ahmad Razali

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