ShopeeFood Lands in Ipoh and All Day FREE Delivery Awaits!

If you are looking for some tips and tricks on how to navigate ShopeeFood, you have come to the right place.

Finally, ShopeeFood has come to Ipoh. The long awaited arrival of ShopeeFood into the Ipoh “food delivery service” arena, is a welcome entry into this market. Right away, it expands on your choice of services, and with the ease of use that is synonymous with Shopee’s innovative e-commerce platform, it’s sure to become your de facto first choice in no time. The never-ending pursuit for the best food at the best prices, has never been better, with ShopeeFood’s seamless online food ordering experience.

We may have moved out of the beautiful limestone caves surrounding our fair city and into the offices of urban civilization, but the hunt for good food remains the same. Whether it’s ten thousand years ago using spears or ten days ago using a debit card or ewallet like ShopeePay, there is a joy and satisfaction to finally finding fine food for feasting.

And ShopeeFood is proactive in making it easy to spread that joy and satisfaction to its consumers by offering a myriad of exciting perks and promotions to satiate the stomach and drown your desire for delicacies. They know what you want and are more than happy to collaborate with their partners, to give you the best possible deals for your meals.

Let’s face it, when it comes to ordering anything online, there are two things that are almost always first and foremost on our minds (and wallets). Price and product. So a good hunter of the modern concrete jungle is always on the lookout for promotions such as discounts and free delivery. And wouldn’t you know it, that’s precisely what ShopeeFood has to offer.

You can look forward to plenty of free delivery and food discount deals with ShopeeFood. Beginning with the modern hunter’s favourite hunting tool, the voucher!

  1. Vouchers – keep your eyes peeled for vouchers. What kind of vouchers, you may wonder? There’s all sorts. Through ShopeeFood, you can apply for vouchers to get great discounts for the food you order and even free delivery charges. But how or where do you collect them? Simple! Available vouchers will appear on the merchant’s store page. That way, you’ll always have the right voucher for the right store. Just make sure to click on the button to redeem the discount vouchers and apply them when you check out your order. Don’t miss these wonderful opportunities, make use of the vouchers while they last!But vouchers are not the only thing you can expect ShopeeFood to give you on the daily quest for cuisine. In collaboration with their partners, ShopeeFood also has plenty of promotions.
  2. Promotions- they’re available at selected merchants. Along with the vouchers, this is where you can really make a killing in getting the best deals for your meals. ShopeeFood regularly offers a variety of promotions, so that not only can you enjoy your meals at affordable prices with the convenience of having them delivered to you, but you can try out more varieties of products for your palate.In fact, there’s already a promotion from August 10 to August 31! How can you afford not to treat yourself when such fantastic promotions start popping up? Such as:
  • Free delivery with RM0 minimum spend
  • Super Deals up to 50% off
  • Order and stand to win prizes worth up to RM10,000

Some of the merchants to look out for:

  • Tealive
  • KFC
  • Kenny Rogers
  • OldTown White Coffee
  • Baskin Robbins
  • D’Laksa
  • Johnny’s

Check it out, ShopeeFood has a huge variety of foods available, all ready to arrive at your doorstep at the click of a button. Imagine this. Have boba from Tealive to calm your nerves and start your day. Fuel up for the day with a hearty meal from ol’ faithful KFC or from the dulcet tones and delicious diner of “the Gambler” himself, Kenny Rogers. Keep your engine revving with a cuppa from OldTown White Coffee, here in Ipoh, the motherland of old town and white coffee. After all that, you deserve a dessert from Baskin Robbins. Cool down with one of their MANY flavours of ice cream, before warming up with something spicy from D’Laksa. Finally, close the day with a hefty haul with our good buddy, Johnny’s.

But really, it’s your choice and ShopeeFood has a LOT of choices for you to choose from.

Why ShopeeFood?

1. An extensive array of restaurants

We have to admit that, every so often, our craving strikes at the most unusual times.

However, with ShopeeFood, you don’t have to search high and low for cafes to sate your appetite anymore, our beloved pal has got you covered. Just use the app and you’ll have a HUGE list of vendors, all available at your fingertips and ready to deliver right to your doorstep, thus saving you the massive hassle of traveling to them to get your food and then spending more time and fuel on the trip home.

Another reason why having a vast variety of food outlets is good – you can spice up your mundane lunch break with the diverse choices. Here’s an idea for you, make a list of the cuisines you may want to try, and tick them off once it’s accomplished to celebrate the triumph.

ShopeeFood too makes a good companion on days where cooking is not your top priority. Dive into the list of restaurants on their page to find the one.

2. Accessible to all Shopee users

Like many other mobile applications, ShopeeFood is only available on the Shopee app. If you haven’t already downloaded the app, we highly encourage you to do it now to enjoy endless exclusive discounts, with many return subsidies. You will marvel at how swift and convenient the ordering process will be.

Its user-friendly interface won’t put off those unaccustomed to mobile apps. ShopeeFood is easy to use even for those who are not so tech-savvy.

Shopee also has a really enticing deal for first-time users. New users are entitled for a RM25 off, on top of free delivery on their first purchase, using promo code <NEWUSER>. As for new ShopeeFood users, they can get RM7 off their first order, including free delivery using promo code <NEWTOSF>.

Hurry up, register now! Don’t miss out on this promotion and start your first order today.

Check this out for amazing vouchers and discounts!

by Gisele Soo

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