Promoting STEM Among Students

Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM) education can be a fun field, as long as it is done using the right approach.

In addition to touring, approaching students in schools in order to give practical explanations, is useful in encouraging more people to be interested in exploring STEM fields.

The Chief Assistant Secretary of the Culture and Services Division of the Ministry of Science, Technology and Innovation (MOSTI), Rosmaini Mohamed said they are actively conducting tours to schools based on invitations.

According to Rosmaini, they also work with other agencies to promote interest in science, technology and robotics among students.

“We bring activities to the schools, not just facts. In addition, examples and explanations are given in a way for students to understand easily. It’s not just listening, it’s not bland.

“Students tend to better understand something when they see it and do it themselves.

“The responses received have been encouraging. It can be seen that the students are excited and like the knowledge presented,” he said.

She was met at the Jalinan and Jaringan programme of SMK Sri Puteri with MOSTI & Technolympics, Perak Chemistry Department and Malaysia Innovation Foundation on Thursday.

Also present, the Principal of SMK Sri Puteri, Zakiah Ariffin.

Meanwhile, Head of the Malaysia Research Accelerator for Technology and Innovation (MRANTI) Competition, Saiful Rizal said the programme at the school was the second to last before the final stopover in Kuala Kangsar, tomorrow.

“We have several criteria or determinants to choose the appropriate school to run this programme.

“The purpose is for the cultivation of science, we were also informed that this school is interested in organising the programme that we run.

“We also don’t really target schools in the city as they are already exposed to technology. Schools in the countryside need more exposure to STEM,” he said.

Commenting further on the notion that science, engineering and mathematics subjects are difficult and feared by many students, he said various efforts have been and are being implemented by the Ministry.

“An example would be the technolympics programme that was introduced. It targets a lot of students from primary, secondary and youth schools.

“The highest percentage of participation is from students, we want them to be interested in science activities like the drones and robots we brought today” he said.

The students who were met also expressed their happiness and excitement with the organisation of the programme.

I. Keerthana, 17, who follows the science stream at the school and aspires to be a surgeon, said there is a lot of interesting knowledge that can be implemented into daily life.

“Before, I wasn’t really interested in technology because it seemed difficult in terms of projects, but now I am. I feel more interested in studying technology in more depth.” she said.

Amira Suaidah Shamsudin, 16, thinks STEM will be interesting if given the right exposure.

“Many of the science and technology activities that they showed earlier are really interesting. We can see that this modern technology makes things easier for people and shortens the time of complicated work,” she said.

By Rosli Mansor Ahmad Razali

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