Family of Recently Deceased Helped by Jelapang Assemblyman

An elderly man faced difficulties when he lost his beloved wife, Malika Anthony, 59, who died of kidney failure last Thursday. Subramaniam Gengayah, 63, was at wit’s end as he did not have enough money to cover the cost of his wife’s funeral.

However, the difficulties faced caught the attention of Jelapang State Assembly Member, Cheah Pou Hian, who came forward to help the family.

Pou Hian donated RM2,800 to finance the funeral.

According to Pou Hian, his side came forward to offer help after being informed about the difficulties faced by Subramaniam who is also facing health problems.

“Subramaniam has an uncertain income because he works as a truck driver who only has work for two days a week.

“The assistance provided is to ease the burden of the family who at the same time have lost a loved one,” he said while visiting the family at Taman Arkid, Menglembu here.

The body of the late Malika was safely buried last Saturday.

Meanwhile, Subramaniam thanked the Jelapang assemblyman for his concern and caring over a local resident like himself.

A father of two children, he greatly appreciates the help that has been given by the people’s representatives.

By Rosli Mansor Ahmad Razali

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