More Cooperation Between MBI and Turkey

In addition to the technological and engineering collaboration that have already taken place, more planning and cooperation will continue with Turkey, said the Mayor of Ipoh, Dato’ Rumaizi Baharin @ Md Daud.

He is optimistic that the country can make a big impact in terms of digital cooperation for Ipoh, in view of Ipoh’s target to become a smart city by 2030.

Rumaizi said the recent cooperation between Ipoh and the country, complimented Malaysia’s stance of wanting to strengthen relations through technology sharing.

“Apart from engineering, The Ipoh City Council (MBI) and Turkey are also looking at potential digital collaboration between Ipoh and the country.

“Because Ipoh plans to become a smart city by 2030, new technology from Europe may be brought in and discussed through Turkey.

“MBI just partnered with Turkey last year through their supply of garbage compactor trucks with more advanced technology,” he said.

He said this at a press conference after the chief engineer, Oktay Keskin representing Orakci Makina Company of Turkey, who provided the garbage compactor trucks, paid a courtesy call on the Ipoh Mayor at the MBI building on Friday.

Also present was the Senior Manager of Global Committed Sdn Bhd, Yusri Ismail who is also a supplier from Malaysia.

He also said that among other things that are planned is tourism cooperation.

“We know that Eastern Europe is not limited to Turkey but also Bosnia and so on, that is also a good tourist location and famous all over the world.

“Turkey has many advantages, from a technological point of view it is quite ahead compared to Malaysia.

“If we look at Ipoh so far, a lot of technology has come from East Asia such as China and Japan. Now we want to develop technology from the Eastern European region,” he added.

Meanwhile, Oktay said that he was happy with the cooperation that had been established while hoping that the strategic relationship would continue in the future.

“I see Ipoh as a beautiful, clean and attractive city. The previous compactor lorry supply collaboration opens up space for this relationship to grow.

“Of course we hope for more cooperation from a business point of view and exchange of ideas to strengthen this relationship,” he said.

The supplier representative from Malaysia, Yusri, said that the cooperation between the two countries is seen to be expanding.

“I can say that Turkey is like a second home because I often go there for cooperation matters.

“There are many advantages that we learn and gain from this collaboration, the culture is not much different from ours,” he said.

MBI had previously purchased two units of garbage compactor trucks last July.

Various technologies introduced in this model include a GPS system, security alarm, rear view monitor & camera, operating speed limiter, public safety fence (Truck Underride Guard) and others.

By Rosli Mansor Ahmad Razali


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