JCI Kinta Organised Children’s Flea Market

JCI Kinta, in partnership with Little Tauke, held their Children’s Flea Market on Sunday, located along the lanes on either side of Ipoh’s famous Kong Heng Restaurant, just opposite Concubine Lane.

There, from 9am to 3pm, a veritable bazaar took place, whereby each stall was manned by children as young as 6 years old. In the spirit of true entrepreneurs, the children approached and presented their wares, offered samples and dealt directly with the customers.

In addition to children selling their wares, which ranged from pre-loved toys, to food items and homemade accessories, there were games, lucky draws and even a performance from Estee Pook Academy.

The Children’s Flea Market project aims to expose children to real world experience, so that they could learn or at least appreciate, some of the skills necessary in the real world. From dealing with real people, problem solving or simply appreciating the value of hard earned money, the project also fosters compassion, as a portion of the net profits are donated to charity. Having said that, staff not only encouraged the children to have fun, but along with the parents, kept watch to ensure the security of the event.

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